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Best Buy Duct Cleaning

All of the air duct cleaning services providers included in our list are members of NADCA and adhere to its guidelines and offer full air duct system cleanings. However, their services vary by city. Because DUCTZ and Duct & Vent Cleaning of America specialize in providing air duct services as their main focus, compared to the other two companies included in this list, these should be considered your first option. If they are not available in your area, Stanley Steemer has locations in almost every state.

best buy duct cleaning

An air duct cleaning service usually costs several hundred dollars for a total clean up. The exact price will vary based on the type of property you own and the size of the air duct system. For instance, Stanley Steemer estimates that its air duct cleaning service will cost around $500 or higher. You can get a personalized quote from all of the companies on our list to find out the exact amount of your cleaning service.

The EPA recommends that your air duct system should only be cleaned when really needed or if there is a confirmed presence of mold. According to the NADCA, some reasons you may need an air duct cleaning include if your place has recently had a major construction project, your house gets dusty faster, or your utility bill is increasing.

Periscope dryer vents are best suited for smaller or cramped areas. Those with minimal space between the dryer and wall will benefit from a periscope duct. A standard foil tube would get crushed from the dryer resulting in a less effective duct. A periscope cut can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally giving it versatility in tight spaces. On average, most periscope dryer vents range from 27 inches to 48 inches. The duct can also be adjusted so you can get the best fit from the dyer to the outside.

Those with a duct above their dryer, either further up the wall or in the ceiling, will not be able to use the periscope dryer vent. Instead, a semi-rigid or rigid dryer vent is the best option. You should also avoid a periscope dryer vent if you have room for a standard duct. Periscope ducts are known as slim ducts for a reason. They are designed to be used by those who have smaller spaces for their dryers.

With the periscope dryer vent, air reaches the outside faster because of the shorter space the air must travel. Additionally, slim ducts are made of smooth metal, so air passes through it more efficiently than any rigid foil tube. The smooth surface also reduces the chance of lint buildup.

The major disadvantage of periscope dryer vents is they are not suited for every home. These vents are built for small, cramped, and tight spaces. A periscope duct can be installed within two inches of space, which makes it perfect for cramped areas.

Note that we are currently reevaluating all of our guides to ranges and our advice on buying them, including learning all we can about induction stoves and cooktops. Our new approach is largely due to changing city and state regulations (video) on the installation of gas kitchen equipment, as well as the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which introduced the first federal consumer rebates for electric kitchen appliances. If you need to buy a new electric stove now, the picks below are all available and are made by companies we trust, so we remain confident in recommending them.

Pretty much every slide-in radiant-electric or induction range has a smooth ceramic glass surface. Smooth cooktops are much easier to clean than exposed-coil elements (which are rare on slide-ins anyway), and they look nicer and allow you to easily move cookware from one element to another. (However, people do complain that this type of surface scratches more easily.)

The ultimate upgrade for an electric range is an induction cooktop, which harnesses the power of electromagnetism for faster cooking, precise control, and greater safety. It also helps keep your kitchen cooler. If you want to make this leap, we recommend the GE Profile PHS930.

'For the vent on the dryer, you can simply use a vacuum to get most of the dust out of the vent. Turning toward the duct on the wall, you can vacuum the inside of it, but you should know that the duct goes far back and an occasional deep cleaning is a good idea. For a general vent cleaning, you can stop here and put it back together,' says Rick Berres.

When selecting the right product for your home or office, start by considering your needs. Most types of tape offer an instant result, but are visible in the finished product. Most types of glue, on the other hand, take time to set, but can be applied on a hidden side of the object for a more invisible finish. Make sure to consider both convenience and clean-up when making your decision. Products like duct tape leave a sticky residue if they ever need to be removed, while basic glue sticks are washable for easy clean up.

There are also specialized tapes and adhesives that help keep an office running smoothly, like double sided tape for sealing envelopes or mounting memos, or packaging tape for preparing products for shipping.

Sticky substances are essential around the home, too. They have their place in occasional events, like moving and sending mail, and they can keep your home in shape on an everyday basis. Look for products like contact cement, wood glue, and electrical tape to finish your home improvement projects, and make sure not to overlook a simple roll of duct tape! This sturdy, durable tape packs some serious adhesive power, and comes in more colours and prints than you'd believe. It might not fix every problem, but it sure will stick when you need it to.

Best Buy Protection Replacement Plan covers replacement costs without any deductibles or hidden fees. If the product becomes defective under normal usage, you'll receive a gift card for the original purchase price, including taxes.

Many duct cleaning equipment companies are either overpriced or ineffective. Truck-mounted duct cleaning systems costing as much as $75,000 makes adding duct cleaning services out of reach for most small businesses. The dirty little secret is that many of these expensive truck-mounted equipment manufacturers will not work on many duct cleaning projects. (More info on this subject later) Our Push/Pull method or our rotary brush equipment will work on most duct cleaning jobs.

The best air filter depends on size or dimensions, filtration rating (MERV, MPR, FPR), and quality. Our aftermarket filters are more affordable and higher performing than most OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brands

MERV 13 rated air filters have the most filtering power and the capability to filter airborne particles down to .3 microns in size. MERV 13 (Platinum) filters are appropriate for most homes and higher rated than most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. They block 98% of airborne particles, are comparable to MPR 1500/1900 and FPR 10-rated air filters, and last 3x as long as traditional fiberglass filters.

One of the best clothes dryers can make your laundry room complete. There can be a huge difference in performance between these appliances. A good clothes dryer needs to provide the perfect balance between time and temperature when running. If it can achieve this, your laundry will be fully dried in a single cycle, with no damp patches, and no signs of damage from over-drying. This can be quite hard to achieve, even for machines with sensors. On top of that, a clothes dryer should be intuitive to operate, with enough settings to suit your needs, while energy efficient in its design. Look out for the Energy Star Certified logo to check for this. 041b061a72


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