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Multiple updates scheduled, coming soon!Updated dashboard source! New Arctic Manager for icon requests! Over 70+ new icon requests! Premium icon requests now available, choose between 1, 3, or 5 requests to be added to next update as well as all other packs and future releases. Much more coming soon, thank you for your support!


Believe it or not, you can get an icon pack for your phone and it will completely transform the home screen and many other parts of the UI. These packs are collections of icons that usually share similar aesthetics. Some icon packs only modify a handful of apps designed by the OEMs, but for a complete makeover, third party icon packs from the Play Store are your best option. With these, you can change the majority of the apps installed on your device.

Sadly, the Pixel Launcher doesn't support custom icon packs. If you're rooted, you can change the icons using the mod at the link below. Otherwise, you can get a custom launcher without root and apply an icon pack to that.

LG has its own theme store where you can make a few cosmetic changes, including the icon pack. Long press any empty space on the home screen and select "Wallpaper & theme." Select "Icon" along the bottom and choose an icon pack. Select "Download," and after a few seconds, choose "Apply" to add the icons.

Note that LG's default launcher doesn't support third-party icon packs, and the collection found in the theme store usually only changes LG-developed apps. If you're not okay with these limitations, you can apply icon packs to a custom launcher.

OnePlus' default launcher supports third-party icon packs. So install an icon pack you like from the Play Store, then long-press any empty space on the home screen and choose "Home Settings." Select "Icon pack" and choose the set of icons from the list. Use the back arrow to return to the home screen.

For Samsung devices, applying third-party icons to the default home screen is limited to icon packs installed through Galaxy Themes (you are not allowed to use third-party icons from the Play Store). However, you can install any icon pack if you're using a custom launcher.

But if you want to stick with the stock home screen app, long press any empty space on the home screen and choose "Theme." Choose "Icon" and download any icon pack from the list. Once installed, tap the "Apply" button to change your home screen icons.

If you decide to use Nova Launcher, after installing any third-party icon pack from the Play Store, long press an empty space on your home screen. Select "Settings," then choose "Look & feel." Choose "Icon style" then "Icon theme." Select the icon pack from the list and return to the home screen to see the change.

If you prefer to use Action Launcher, the process is straightforward as well. Install an icon pack from the Play Store, long-press the home screen, then choose "Home settings." Select "Appearance," then "Icon pack," and choose your icon pack, then press "OK."

If you've ever tried getting custom app icons on your phone, you must've noticed that doing so usually requires you to download Android launchers first since the native one doesn't support third-party app icon packs. Such is the case for Samsung phones too.

Before we see how to apply icon packs to make your Samsung phone look more beautiful, you should first know an important fact: it's highly unlikely that an icon pack will have a custom icon for every single app on your device.

There are two solutions to this. One, you can hide apps from the app drawer that didn't get new skins. And two, you can download multiple icon packs and search their catalogs to see if they have skins for the lesser-known apps on your phone. We'll show you how to do both.

In the second method to apply icon packs on your Samsung phone, you'll need three things: the Good Lock app by Samsung, the Theme Park module inside the Good Lock app, and your icon pack(s) of choice. As we said earlier, this method takes more time, but is more effective.

IcoMoon is striving to build and provide the best iconography and icon management tool for perfectionists. IcoMoon's icon library features only the very best icon sets out there. All of our icons are designed on a precise pixel grid. The IcoMoon app lets you build and use your own icon packs in many different formats including SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, CSH, icon font with ligatures, or good old PNG/CSS sprites.

*Common- Improvement of visibility of generated themes.- Some UI improvements for usability.*Fold 3/Flip 3 or later- Support to import the downloaded icon packs- Change an app icon shape- Support to create an icon pack


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