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Laser Tag Buy Online

With LASERWAR, starting laser tag business is much easier: 2-year warranty, free promotional materials, global network of dealers and 50+ service centers. The new products, sales and discounts are out monthly. Every day, we aim to make our laser tag equipment better, develop innovative electronics and software, setting new standards in the laser tag industry. Join our big LASERWAR family!

laser tag buy online

This home laser tag set was once marketed as the Call of Life laser tag set and was one of the most successful home laser tag sets ever sold. And because these laser tag guns were so successful, many other manufacturers have produced very similar models over the years. Some have different colors, and some have vests, but the laser tag guns are all very much the same.

What I like most about this Vatos 4-player laser tag set is that the four guns look quite different from other models you will find online. The home laser tag market is a bit saturated, so some innovation can go a long way.

But first and foremost, smartphones are not required to play a home laser tag battle with these blasters. The smartphone laser tag functionality is simply a bonus; the blasters work perfectly fine without using smartphones and apps.

Famous for their foam shooting blasters, Nerf released the Laser Ops Pro home laser tag set in the middle of 2018. It is the successor to the Nerf Lazer Tag series, which brought us the super popular Phoenix LTX laser tag blaster (see number 5).

As mentioned above, Nerf released the Laser Ops Pro series in 2018, which is the successor to the Lazer Tag series. The flagship laser tag gun in that series was the Phoenix LTX Tagger which was released back in 2008.

That very same blaster is still available today, even though Nerf has come out with Laser Ops Pro as its successor. This proves that the Phoenix LTX was, and still is, one of the best home laser tag guns ever.

This 2-player laser tag set includes two Phoenix LTX taggers that register hits with vibrations, illumination, and sounds. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. In fact, the taggers have a specific setting for this, which impacts the firing range.

This is very much a personal choice, but for home laser tag sets, I would prefer to play without vests and let the guns be the target. Ultimately, this is about what you think is the most comfortable.

Most blasters nowadays will let you switch between shooting modes, such as pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher. Each shooting mode will result in more or fewer points, which is another good reason to choose a laser tag set that offers this feature.

My family has been playing with the Kidzlane for 8 years off and on. They have crapped out over the years. I came to this website today to see what else there is and am pleased to see just replacing them is all I have to do. I do like the idea of rechargeable guns, but I would recommend these and say take the batteries out when not daily laser tag shooting and they last longer, or can be put into a remote for a tv lol.

Start planning your family fun day by checking out our prices and packages below. If the item is available to purchase online, click to buy online. If you wish to use a promo code or see all items available for sale online, CLICK HERE for our online ticket page.

Our Outdoor Pool & Water Playground has been converted into a snowy laser tag course with plenty of obstacles to hide behind and hidden routes for sneaking up on your opponents. Advance reservations required. Purchase your ride at the Park at Water's Edge or call 888-968-7686 ext. 7000.

Strap on your vests and get ready for the best laser tag Orlando has to offer! Venture off into the blacklit maze as you compete against opponents in a fast-paced and action-packed battle of Laser Tag!

Players inside the laser tag arena can be viewed from the outside through our live feed. This is perfect for parents to see their kids achieve victory and for new players to start planning their attack. With our live feed, you can be the star of this action-packed adventure! Not only that, but your score will be displayed outside the laser tag area so that everyone will know who to watch.

For an amazing adrenaline rush invite your friends to a laser tag battle, at Players Fun Zone. Our birthday parties are action-packed and so easy with food and drink included. All your friends will want to copy your party for themselves. We offer birthday party packages for every age. Choose from: laser tag, arcade, mini glo golf, inflatables, bumper cars, and virtual reality.

Welcome to your online corporate discount store. Purchase tickets for you and your family at a discount price from the convenience of your home! Get started by choosing the items you wish to purchase below and click 'Add to Cart'.

Located just off the shores of Lake Wylie on the border of North and South Carolina, we are a locally-owned and operated family entertainment center featuring bowling, laser tag, redemption arcade, a youth play area, sports viewing, food and bar service. With a mission to be the preeminent entertainment destination in the Lake Wylie area we have something for all ages and are available for open and league bowling, birthday parties, private parties, church events, corporate gatherings and more.

Virtual RealityOur Free Roam Virtual Reality Laser Tag. Ages 8 and upIs an experience like never before. Jump into the virtual world and face off in some player vs player VR laser tag. Players put on the headsets, grab the controllers and walk into the arena. As soon as the game starts all the obstacles pop out of the ground and it's go time. Duck, hide and shoot!! Do you have what it takes?!?Booking online or walk-ins are welcome!

They have been called by many names such as laser tag guns, phasers, lazer tag, taggers or just lasers. No matter what you call them, you're going to have a great time with the best tag equipment available. Unlike paintball, laser tag doesn't hurt so it's more fun for more people. Corporate team building, kids birthday parties and much more are possible in these fast-paced, fun and safe war game scenarios. Tagtime Lazer Tag offers a new evolution of laser tag featuring high tech realistic simulated weapons and objective based gameplay. We don't have plastic phasers or silly glow in the dark arena. We feature realistic taggers and an urban battlefield. Our games are much closer to a modern-day video game than the laser tag that might come to mind. We call it tactical laser tag, but even that doesn't do the excitement and adrenaline justice. You'll have to come in and try it out to really experience the thrill. In addition to walk-in play, we specialize in birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate team building, youth group events, and can handle groups large and small. Party and event planning has never been easier. Come to our field or we can come to you. Located in the Newport News area of Tidewater. Serving all of Hampton Roads, including Yorktown, Poquoson, Hampton, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Richmond.

Earth is sending a reconnaissance team to investigate the dangerous mystery of planet Terraform. Players are transported onto this industrial planet, where they must complete their mission to save this land which was once lush and beautiful. Players put on Zone laser tag equipment to protect from the dangerous desert planet and to succeed in this challenging mission.

Twin City Lanes is one of the many bowling centers that has modernized by adding a laser tag arena to better utilize square footage. "We are extremely pleased and happy," commented Randy Longe, owner of Twin City Lanes & Games. "The arena is fantastic, and we are glad to be getting the best of the best". By adding a laser tag arena, a facility can attract new customers and reward loyal customers for their patronage. "New attractions keep guests coming back for more. We suggest revamping an attraction or game area at least every two years," commented Jeff Schilling, President of Creative Works. Re-investment into a facility can also improve company morale. Employees want to take pride in what they do, and when employees see modernization they can be confident they are offering a quality product to guests.

This discounted Group Rate is only available when purchased online. It is not available in the store. Group Rates are available during regular business hours. Purchase 1 Game of Laser Tag for your group of at least 10 players at a discounted rate. The package includes 10 players and additional players can be added during the checkout process. You can purchase up to 10 additional players as the limit of players in each laser tag game is 20. Please keep in mind that when adding players that they are non refundable, so only add the players that are confirmed. If you do not purchase all 20 spots, they may be added at a later time, but only if there are remaining spots in the games you are scheduled for.

We have over thirty modern programmed laser tag modes, as well as high-tech laser guns and vests, in an updated arena. The most popular games games are: Team One Shot, Free For All, Agents, Gladiators, Delta Tag, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut, and Backstabber.

You are providing the foundation for a successful business for years ahead. After all, it is the generation of Alpha tag that will become the basis for the development of the military and tactical direction in the laser tag. 041b061a72


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