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Download Purani Kabar Movie Torrent: The Best Hindi Horror Film of the 90s

Download Purani Kabar Movie Torrent

Are you a fan of Hindi horror movies? Do you want to watch a classic film that will give you chills and thrills? If yes, then you might be interested in downloading Purani Kabar movie torrent. Purani Kabar is a 1998 horror film that tells the story of four friends who kill their fifth friend for his lottery ticket money and face the wrath of his vengeful spirit. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Purani Kabar movie, why you should download it as a torrent, and how to do it safely and legally.

Download Purani Kabar Movie Torrent

What is Purani Kabar?

Purani Kabar is a Hindi horror film of Bollywood directed by K.I. Seikh and produced by M. Kartik. This movie was released in 1998 under the banner of Heena Films. It is one of the most popular horror movies of the 1990s and has a cult following among horror fans.

Plot summary

The movie begins with four friends from different religions buying lottery tickets for each other. The seller sells the last ticket to their fifth friend, who wins the jackpot. The other four friends demand an equal share of the prize money, but the winner refuses to give them anything. They decide to kill him and steal his money. They also drive away his wife when she accuses them of murder.

Years later, the son of the deceased friend grows up and becomes a police officer. He learns about the truth behind his father's death and vows to take revenge on his killers. Meanwhile, the four friends are haunted by strange occurrences and visions of their dead friend. They realize that his spirit is back to take revenge on them. They try to escape from his wrath, but one by one they meet their gruesome fate.

Cast and crew

The movie features some well-known actors of Bollywood, such as Mohan Joshi, Harish Patel, Jack Gaud, Poonam Dasgupta, Kiran Kumar, Jyothi Rana, Vinod Tripathi, Kirti Shetty, Rajeev Raj, Mohini, Jayant Patekar, Johny Nirmal, and Firdaus Mewawala. The music of the movie is composed by Isfaq and the cinematography is done by S.K. Sharma.

Reception and reviews

Purani Kabar received mixed reviews from critics and audiences when it was released. Some praised it for its spooky atmosphere, suspenseful plot, and effective scares. Others criticized it for its low production values, poor acting, and clichéd story. [ b70169992d


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